Test Study Guide

1) The most important ideas of the unit are listed in the Scientists’ Consensus Ideas sheets. Review these ideas and the supporting evidence obtained in the cycle.

2) Review the Idea Power problems and the practice problems. The goal on the tests is to apply the ideas learned in the cycle to new situations, like you do when you solve the Idea Power problems. Do them again for further practice, and redo any of them you had trouble with.

3) Consider forming a study group. Often the best way to learn something is to have to explain it to someone else. If you form a study group, take turns presenting problems and explaining them, and give positive feedback to each other.

4) Remember that quizzes focus only on the ideas in a particular cycle while exams test ideas in the entire unit. Analyze your past quizzes to see if you should review any concepts still being used.

5) Use this study checklist

  • Review How To Answer Multiple-Choice Questions (in your textbook)
  • Review Scientists’ Consensus Ideas
  • Review problems in Idea Powers
  • Review Practice problems
  • Take the practice tests

Ideas on how to reduce test anxiety

1) Accept that you can only do your best and then do your best.

2) Realize that using your energy on worrying does not help you do better. Focus that energy on using study strategies to prepare for the test.

3) Take care to be comfortable during the test. Exercise, eat well, get a good night’s sleep, and wear comfortable clothing. NOTE: Healthy foods are often suggested to decrease stress such as fruits and vegetables. Foods that may increase stress include those that contain caffeine, large amounts of sugar, and highly processed foods.

4) Get all supplies needed for the test ready the night before such as pencils, erasers, and a calculator.

5) Review test materials the night before.

6) Try breathing slowly and deeply, so that your belly extends out and you can feel your lungs pushing against your back too. Practice this before the test and do this during the test as needed. This is known to assist in reducing stress.