Extra Credit Projects

Photo of girl writing on notebookNeed extra credit to boost a grade or to make up for missed schoolwork? Or perhaps you're just interested in exploring the science you learned in class in greater depth? If so, this is the place for you! Listed below are a number of possible extra credit project ideas. 

Follow these seven steps to do an extra-credit project:

  1. Ask your teacher if he or she will accept extra-credit work.
  2. IF your teacher gives the OK, find a project idea that interests you! Click on the links below, read the description of the project idea, and skim the activity sheets (if any). With your teacher's permission, you can also develop your own project ideas.
  3. (Optional) Find one or more partners. Project ideas marked with an asterisk (*) below are especially good for teams of two or more. 
  4. Write a brief (one- or two-paragraph) description of your extra-credit project. Be specific. For example, if you're writing an illustrated story with a partner, identify the main characters, summarize the plot, and state each partner's role (e.g., one partner writes while the other draws).
  5. Bring your proposed project to your teacher for approval.
  6. IF your teacher approves your project, start your project and complete it by the due date (you and your teacher should set a date).
  7. Turn in your project or make a presentation to the class. Your teacher will let you know how the completed project will be delivered.

Project ideas marked with an asterisk (*) are good projects for teams of two or more.

Creative Projects

Analyzing Interactions

Interactions and Machines

Science Today and in History